Qt Virtual Keyboard Bug in Lubuntu


(baris) #1

I’m trying to active a Qt Virtual Keyboard whenever user touch a any textinput.

I Can call Qt Virtual Keyboard like this command :

os.environ["QT_IM_MODULE"] = "qtvirtualkeyboard"

In Ubuntu and Xubuntu Virtual Keyboard works fine.Here is the result of both ubuntu(left) and lubuntu(right):

I can see the output of virtual keyboard in Xubuntu and Ubuntu but i cannot see in Lubuntu.

How can i change the virtual keyboard background color or can i set to transparent ?

(Walter Lapchynski) #2

Unless you can verify this to be true in upstream LXQt (i.e. you should be able to reproduce it in any distro and with the current codebase), you really should ask this question of the Lubuntu forum. When you do so, make sure to provide information about your system, including the distro and application versions, etc.