Qterminal: does the terminal show the size as the window is being resized for you?

(James) #1

Does qterminal show the size as the window is being resized for you? Apparently it is supposed to but doesn’t for me. It flashes the size when I release the mouse but not while I am resizing.

(Alf Gaida) #2

qterminal (0.9.0-3ubuntu3) cosmic; urgency=medium - so we don’t know the downstreamed (patched) version in Ubuntu - so if there are problems, launchpad might be the way to go.

(James) #3

Do you know of any lxqt distros that use vanilla source code?

(Mark Rabideau) #4

@bjlockie What ‘pray tell’ do you mean by vanilla code? The distros do not re-write the code; they pull what they need when they want it/need it. For fixed release products like *buntu etc. this means the code can get very stale between the distro releasees and what is actually in development in say LXQt. This is especially true when code is under development; where lots of changes happen in a short period of time. If you have a decent fixed release distro, they try to keep you reasonably current by backporting. If not they don’t stay on top of things, you get to run old code. The choice is yours…

In my opinion, using a rolling release to stay on top of LXQt releases is best because it is in flux.

I’d say two of the best distros to use (because two of the most active LXQt team members use them) would be manjaro (arch-based) or siduction (debian based). But it’s your call.

(Alf Gaida) #5

@manyroads - erm, no. Debian ship only vanilla - i guess i have two patches in the whole packages which are distribution specific.

And even in siduction i use the normal debian repos - ok, we provide some configurations that wouldn’t fit for debian.

I suggest Arch/Manjaro for latest git tbh. Ok, i use latest git with sid, but with pacman and makepkg it is more funny and not so much work.

(James) #6

Unpatched, straight from git.

(James) #7

It works for you on that distro?

(Alf Gaida) #8

https://youtu.be/9ZAi0zUS2SI - why not, otherwise i hadn’t released it.

(James) #9

Thanks for the video. Found the solution, it was Openbox. Your video gave me the idea to look at the window manager. There is a setting to “Update the window contents while resizing”. I checked it and it works now. :slight_smile: