Question/bug: How LXQT handles fullscreen?

(Kreyren) #1

DISCLAIMER: I didn’t find relevant article on the forum nor the web.


I’m using lxqt-meta-0.13.0 (from gentoo repo) + Openbox and xrandr --scale 2x2 to emulate virtual super resolution.

lxqt-meta-0.14.0 not yet supported by gentoo ( -> didn’t verify if the issue is present.


I’ve noticed that if League Of Legends through WINE is executed on lxqt-session as fullscreen it stratches it on whole screen, but forgetts mapping -> 1/4 of the screen is used for mouse cursor mapping 3/4 of the screen is not reachable and 4/4 is used by the fullscreen application.

This results in broken mapping for the mouse.

I didn’t notice this on i3+openbox so i suspect that this is LXQt.


Can you confirm that LXQt is responsible for this behavior?

Is this bug?

Is there any way to fix it from my side?

(Shrinivas Kumbhar) #2

install whole xorg group its something in xorg thats missing and you should check if all dependancies of wine are installed especially the 32bit multilib dependencies.

(Kreyren) #3

All wine dependencies are installed including 32-bit libs.

app-emulation/wine-staging d3d9 mono opencl osmesa realtime run-exes samba sdl staging udev vkd3d vulkan abi_x86_32 abi_x86_64 -gecko

installed xorg packages:


am i missing something?


Simmilar issue preent in rocket league? Window uses 1/4 rest is filled with glitches?

(Shrinivas Kumbhar) #4

dont know much about gentoo but in arch/manjaro i dont have such problem. ok it might be because you are missing it there is xorg-x11 meta package install it and see if problems persist

(Kreyren) #5

xorg-x11 meta didn’t help with the issue. Can you try to reproduce on a WINEapp that uses fullscreen with xrandr --output <output> --scale 2x2 prior to opening wineapp? Had simmilar issues in other WM/DE

(Shrinivas Kumbhar) #6

nope i wont my screen is just 1366x768

(Kreyren) #7

Not relevant then, WINEapp without using xrandr with --scale works fine, the issue is present with it.

(Kreyren) #8

Same issue present on master (dunno how to check version and checksum).