Release LXQt 0.13.0


(Alf Gaida) #1

The LXQt team is proud to announce the release of LXQt 0.13.0, the Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment.

The LXQt team is working hard towards LXQt 1.0.0. Want to help us? Found any bugs? Please file bug reports and pull requests on our GitHub tracker!

The release can be downloaded at or Github


  • All packages are ready for Qt 5.11.
  • Out-of-source-builds are now mandatory.
  • libfm-qt is made more self-sufficient and less dependent on libfm, resulting in better performance and more flexibility.
  • qps and screengrab have been moved to the LXQt umbrella.
  • Improved overall translations.
  • Made menu-cached optional (default=off) in panel and runner to prevent memory leaks and to avoid problems when restarting or shutting down LXQt.
  • Improved LXQtCompilerSettings.
  • Our (upstream) configuration defaults were moved to /usr/share/lxqt, distribution’s overrides can be placed into /etc/lxqt

Notes For Packagers

  • Please follow the build order.
  • Please note that our repos are moved to GitHub/lxqt. Mentions and links should point at the new location.
  • lxqt-build-tools >= 0.5.0 is mandatory and should be packaged directly after libqtxdg.
  • All lxqt-* packages depend on liblxqt >= 0.9.0.
  • libfm-qt soname bumped from libfm-qt3 to libfm-qt5.
  • liblxqt now build-depend on libpolkit-qt5-1 directly.
  • lxqt-admin now build-depend on libpolkit-qt5-1 directly.
  • lximage-qt, lxqt-qtplugin pcmanfm-qt depend on libfm-qt >= 0.13.0.
  • qterminal depends on qtermwidget >= 0.9.0.

Notable changes in packages

The full list of changes is available in our CHANGELOG files.

compton-conf (0.4.0)

  • Add checkbox for option xinerama-shadow-crop
  • Add categories for Xfce and Gnome
  • cmake: Use LXQtCompilerSettings
  • Add RadioButtons for setting the rendering backend

libfm-qt (0.13.0)

  • Important functionalities, like file operations, are ported to C++, which means more flexibility and less libfm dependency
  • Smooth scrolling for icon and thumbnail views
  • Added a group column to the detailed list view
  • Merge side-pane with its surroundings
  • Support hiding of items in Places side-pane.
  • Use special/custom folder icons for bookmarks
  • Italic font for hidden items
  • Several bug fixes
  • Improvements in GUI and functionalities
  • Code cleanup

liblxqt (0.13.0)

  • An efficient backlight control is added.
  • ConfigDialog: Adds the ability to select the shown page by name
  • lxqtpower: Add support for turning monitor(s) off

libqtxdg (3.2.0)

  • xdgiconloader: Add GTK cache revalidation (fixes finding and showing new icons, especially in main menu)
  • xdgiconloader: Cache ScalableFollowsColorEntry properly
  • Set genericName as tooltip (for main menu)
  • Fix symbolic SVG icons with Qt >= 5.10

lxqt-build-tools (0.5.0)

  • LXQtCompilerSettings: Set CMAKE_C_VISIBILITY_PRESET to hidden
  • Don’t allow Qt foreach/Q_FOREACH
  • Require Qt 5.7.1
  • Adds a FindXKBCommon CMake module
  • Adds ECMFindModuleHelpers CMake module

lxqt-config (0.13.0)

  • improved backlight functionality
  • lxqt-config-brightness: Sets minimum backlight value to 0
  • lxqt-config-input: Adds the ability to set the initial page
  • Add gamma(brightness) reset as a cli option

lxqt-globalkeys (0.13.0)

  • Triggering shortcuts with meta keys
  • Register meta keys for shortcuts
  • Daemon triggers on KeyRelease
  • Avoid polluting the the x11 shortcut map.

lxqt-panel (0.13.0)

  • Fixes for main menu, especially its correct update when new apps are installed.
  • No menu-cache by default (fixing problems caused by menu-cache + systemd)
  • Fixes for task button text and icon
  • Move and Resize windows in task-button context menu
  • Fixes for worldclock
  • Avoid infinite recursion when no icon available
  • Fix wrongly positioned popups
  • Plugin-volume: Use a specific icon for the panel
  • Better integration between keyboard indicator plugin and keyboard configuration

lxqt-powermanagement (0.13.0)

  • Add support for turning monitor(s) off

lxqt-qtplugin (0.13.0)

  • lxqtplatformtheme: Initialize “folowColorScheme” once
  • Fix icon colorizing at startup
  • Remember the view mode

lxqt-runner (0.13.0)

  • AppLinkItem: Make genericName searchable

lxqt-session (0.13.0)

  • Better support for *BSD world by changed usage of libudev
  • Use more directories for searching defaults (add /usr/share & /etc into XDG_CONFIG_DIRS)

pcmanfm-qt (0.13.0)

  • Tab DND
  • Basic bulk renaming
  • Optional selection of newly created files
  • Added symlink target info to statusbar
  • Other GUI improvements
  • Several bug fixes
  • Code cleanup
  • Using new libfm-qt capabilities instead of old libfm ones

qterminal (0.9.0)

  • Fix tab texts, especially for vertical tabs
  • Sort color schemes alphabetically
  • Support modifying $TERM and use xterm-256color by default
  • Misc bug fixes for the tabbar
  • Close tab on middle clicking
  • A real shortcut editor
  • Allow to change tab title color
  • Make tab closing button configurable
  • Make active tab text bold to make it more visible
  • New config: show terminal size on resize
  • Fix bracket paste
  • Fix terminal menubar transparency
  • Add option for configuring tab width limit.
  • Add maximum tab width and proper text eliding.
  • Enable bidi by default
  • Add RTL support button

qtermwidget (0.9.0)

  • Visual improvements
  • Refactor and fixes Python binding
  • New color scheme: Ubuntu inspired
  • Support UTF-32 characters correctly
  • Fix “bold and intensive” colors
  • New color scheme: Tango (#167)
  • Finish SGR mouse protocol (1006)
  • Expose bidi option
  • Allow using libutempter (libulog) for FreeBSD
  • Fix behavior of scroll up (SU)

screengrab (1.98)

  • Moved to LXQt - changed links etc that way
  • Never scale up beyond real size
  • Several fixes related to the tray icon
  • Make builds reproducible
  • Added a minimum default configuration
  • Handle invalid window screenshots
  • Always use native (LXQt) file dialog
  • Cleanup and other fixes
  • Some UI polishing


We would like to thank all contributors who made this release possible!

(Alf Gaida) #2