Release LXQt 0.14.0


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The LXQt team is proud to announce the release of LXQt 0.14.0, the Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment.

The LXQt team is working hard towards LXQt 1.0.0. Want to help us? Found any bugs? Please file bug reports and pull requests on our GitHub tracker!

The release can be downloaded at or Github


  • Split view is added to pcmanfm-qt. pcmanfm-qt handles desktop and also mounts more efficiently by benefiting from the improvements in libfm-qt.
  • Now, Desktop can have icons like Computer, Network, User-Dir and Trash, the Trash icon being interactive.
  • Render image EXIF data and new upload target (ImgBB) for lximage-qt
  • Custom terminal margins and history-based tab switching are added to qterminal.
  • All packages received massive translation updates.

Notes For Packagers

  • Please follow the build order.
  • We now depend on cmake_minimum_required 3.1.0 and lxqt-build-tools 0.6.0
  • We now depend on C++ ISO Standard 14, removed support for < 14
  • We moved all translations back to the repositories where they belong to - lxqt-l10n is deprecated and abandoned.

Notable changes in packages

The full list of changes is available in our CHANGELOG files.

libfm-qt (0.14.0)

  • The old libfm dependency is completely dropped.
  • Options are added for showing full file names instead of display names and also for shadowing icons of hidden items.
  • Problems in mounts and SMB are fixed.
  • Added support for trusting executables and also added an emblem to untrusted desktop files inside user home. Executables/desktop files can be “trusted” in their context menus.
  • Added selection/deselection corner marks on mouse-over (usually, small plus/minus icons).
  • Properties dialog contains more info, including a device bar.
  • The auto-completer of path-edit is made case-insensitive.
  • Compressing of a selection of different mimetypes is made possible.
  • The Places pane does not elide row texts unnecessarily anymore (only when they are too long).
  • Randomly missing eject button with mounting is fixed.
  • Template actions are shown sorted.
  • And many other fixes here and there.

liblxqt (0.14.0)

  • Added missing text color of our HTML delegate
  • lxqtbacklight: fix and improve command line parameter handling
  • lxqthtmldelegate: Position, alignment and size fixes for HTML delegate
  • lxqtpageselectwidget: Fix config dialog cell height
  • lxqtpageselectwidget: Fixed config dialog select widget cells

libqtxdg (3.3.0)

  • Use C++ ISO Standard 14, removed support for < 14
  • Implementation fixes:
    • XdgDesktopFile: Simplify scheme handling
    • XdgDesktopFile: Clear internal data before loading a new file
    • XdgDesktopFile: Don’t try read non existent files
    • xdgaction: Set icon in updateIcon() only if needed
    • xdgiconloader: Support more classes for “FollowColors” icons
    • xdgiconloader: Consider device pixel ratio when painting
    • xdgiconloader: Cover all KDE colors schemes for symbolic icons
    • xdgiconloader: Fixes pedantic warning
    • xdgmenuwidget: Fix menu-item drag url

lximage-qt (0.14.0)

  • New Features:
    • Render image EXIF data (by Rndevfx)
    • Added confirmation dialog when using “Save as” with a filename without extension.
    • Add ImgBB upload provider
    • Add ability to annotate images
    • Add copy button to upload dialog
    • Implement MRU list
  • Fixed implementations:
    • Update copyright block in source files
    • Fixed thumbnail selection (with deletion)

lxqt-admin (0.14.0)

  • Moved lxqt-admin-time and -user to LXQt settings

lxqt-build-tools (0.6.0)

  • Introduced lxqt-transupdate for translation updates
  • Set cmake_minimum_required to 3.1.0
  • Consider QT_SELECT - some distributions use this tool
  • Drop 0X and 11 support, require c++14
  • Removed obsolete FindFm module

lxqt-config (0.14.0)

  • Introduced GTK appearance settings
  • Initial touchpad settings and improved input device handling
  • lxqt-config-brightness: Backlight control updated
  • lxqt-config-monitor: Monitor name is added to output.
  • Installed former missed man pages

lxqt-notificationd (0.14.0)

  • Notification history implemented

lxqt-openssh-askpass (0.14.0)

  • Installed former missed man pages

lxqt-panel (0.14.0)

  • New in plugin-spacer: Added auto-expansion feature
  • Deprecated plugin-clock at last
  • plugin-colorpicker: Removed content margins and reduced spacing
  • plugin-mainmenu: Filtering can be done by typing the executable name (when Panel is compiled without menu-cache – the default)
  • plugin-mount: Device names are correctly shown on removal
  • plugin-panel: Optional overriding of icon theme for panels
  • plugin-panel: Allow plugin’s “static” configuration change
  • plugin-volume: Do not auto-unmute on volume change
  • plugin-worldclock: Set manual format dialog title

lxqt-policykit (0.14.0)

  • Installed former missed man page

lxqt-runner (0.14.0)

  • Installed former missed man page

lxqt-session (0.14.0)

  • Completed our WM list
  • Don’t default on Openbox, make the automatic WM
    selection more reliable

lxqt-sudo (0.14.0)

  • Force “C” locale for su/sudo
  • Security: Prevent malicious attempts for command injection
  • Strip environment - Leave only required environment variables (for X & locale) to get into the elevated child process.
  • Make critical error messages less obscure
  • Fixed the layout and line-break

obconf-qt (0.14.0)

  • Fixed dysfunctional *.obt Archive generation

pavucontrol-qt (0.5.0)

  • Treat the ‘off’ card profile specifically
  • Mainwindow: Don’t use deprecated libpulse members

pcmanfm-qt (0.14.0)

Apart from changes in libfm-qt, which are reflected in pcmanfm-qt:

  • Desktop items can be moved more naturally and placed anywhere on Desktop.
  • Added desktop shortcuts for Trash, Computer, etc. The desktop Trash also supports trashing by drag-and-drop.
  • Split view is fully supported (and remembered) inside pcmanfm-qt window.
  • Made the filter-bar transient by default (it shows up when something is typed inside the view and can be closed by Ctrl+K).
  • An option is added for showing full names of files (in contrast to display names).
  • Theme icons are used in tool bar buttons that change the view.
  • A red bar is added to the root instance.
  • A Tool menu item is added for copying full path of selected file (with Ctrl+Shift+C as its shortcut).
  • The problem with the default terminal is fixed.
  • Fixes for virtual screens (multiple monitors), especially regarding desktop updates.
  • And several other fixes that improve usability.

qps (1.10.19)

  • Improved localization support

qterminal (0.14.0)

  • Added terminal margins
  • Added history-based tab switching
  • Smaller settings dialog
  • Prevent TAB from changing focus in the shortcut editor
  • Remember the maximization state of the window

qtermwidget (0.14.0)

  • Clarify the licenses used in qtermwidget and added the missed root licenses
  • Ensure .bash_history is correctly written out
  • Make Backspace behaves the same as xterm
  • Fixed visual glitches in the search bar
  • Redraw cursor after cursor type changed
  • Fix handling of ST (String Terminator) for OSC (Operating System Commands)

screengrab (1.100)

  • Don’t crash with invalid config format


We would like to thank all contributors who made this release possible!

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