Release LXQt 0.14.1

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The LXQt team is proud to announce the release of LXQt 0.14.1, the Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment.

The LXQt team is working hard towards LXQt 1.0.0. Want to help us? Found any bugs? Please file bug reports and pull requests on our GitHub tracker!

The release can be downloaded at or Github


  • Bugfixes and some new functionalities for components. Now, it is possible to customize the header of detailed list view in pcmanfm-qt.
  • All packages received massive translation updates.

Notes For Packagers

  • Please follow the build order.
  • We now depend on cmake_minimum_required 3.1.0 and lxqt-build-tools 0.6.0
  • The LibQtXdg dependency is bumped to 3.3.1.

Notable changes in packages

The full list of changes is available in our CHANGELOG files.

libqtxdg (3.3.1)

  • Silenced compiler warnings
  • Update the build system to use lxqt-build-tools

liblxqt (0.14.1)

  • Enable/disable a standard button if it exists

libfm-qt (0.14.1)

  • Fixed an issue about a recursive slot call in pathbar
  • Added missing sort-by-group action (to right click menu)
  • Make it always possible to set the “trust” metadata
  • Added custom widths and visibility for detailed columns
  • Gray out cut files in detailed and compact modes too
  • Give window parents to some app-modal dialogs
  • Case-insensitive and match-containing name completer for file dialog
  • Fix crash on showing Properties dialog in special cases
  • Generate libfm-qt.pc correctly
  • Respect sorting/selection order when launching files
  • Add rubber-band selection to detailed list view

lxqt-config (0.14.1)

  • Apply button for appearance and input config dialogs

lxqt-globalkeys (0.14.1)

  • Don’t rename a widget or a class without a full refactoring.
    (Close button don’t work anymore)

lxqt-runner (0.14.1)

  • MathItem: Use documented API of muparser
    (Math functionality don’t work with some languages)

lxqt-sudo (0.14.1)

    (XAUTHLOCALHOSTNAME is required for lxqt-sudo to function properly.)

pcmanfm-qt (0.14.1)

  • Allow double-clicking an item on the autorun dialog to do that action
  • Fixed crash on sorting by group
  • Save/restore custom columns of detailed view
  • Fixed status message on changing view from/to detailed list
  • Give window parents to some app-modal dialogs
  • Use user name for home desktop shortcut
  • Corrected the logic of sorting


We would like to thank all contributors who made this release possible!

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