Remove the hotkeys


(Gerhard Butscher) #1


I would like to remove the hotkeys for the Desktop because they steal them from emacs.

e.g Alt-Shift-Right takes the frame to the second desktop. But I don’t want that. I would like that emacs gets this hotkey.

(Pedram Pourang) #2

You could remove them in the settings of the window manager you use, whatever it is (Openbox, KWin,…).


I just installed lubuntu. This is lxqt with openbox. I don’t know how to remove the hotkeys.

(Walter Lapchynski) #4

Might be better to consult the Lubuntu forum for questions concerning Lubuntu. That said, as you can see in the manual there are two components that provide shortcuts: lxqt-globalkeys and Openbox itself. It should be fairly obvious how to deal with lxqt-globalkeys, but if not, again, consult the manual. With regards to Openbox, you’ll have to edit the config file, which for your user, should be $HOME/.config/openbox/lxqt-rc.xml and remove everything between the <keyboard> tags. See their manual for more info.

I’ll add a current problem with Lubuntu is that pre-LXQt, Openbox pretty much handled all of the shortcuts. With lxqt-globalkeys, it’s way easier to work with, so the Lubuntu Team has a goal of removing as many shortcuts as possible from the Openbox configuration and putting them into the lxqt-globalkeys one, except those that are so specific to Openbox.


I changed .config/openbox/lxqt-rc.xml (removed all keyboard stuff) and now I am happy. Many thanks for your elaborate answer.



If you don’t need the hotkeys then turning them off is obviously the best solution.

If you think some might still be useful then assigning all OS or GUI related shortcuts to the Super/Windows key works for me very well. That key is seldom used in apps to cause conflicts.

Ideally I try to sort it like this:

  • GUI / OS -> Super / Windows key (not sure for Macs, Ctrl ?)
  • Application standard hotkeys -> Ctrl (Apple on Mac)
  • User defined app hotkeys -> Alt

For the GUI I remap the hotkeys manually (e.g, Openbox/LXQt)

For all the existing apps I take it as it comes but for my own hotkeys I choose Alt.

That works quite ok…