Resize desktop after resizing framebuffer


Hello, I have x11vnc connection to sparky linux with no monitor attached. Desktop resolution is 1024x768. I resize framebuffer with “xrandr --fb 1920x1080”, it works, I can now place and resize windows in new, bigger framebuffer, but old desktop background remains in upper-left corner of new framebuffer and taskbar remains in old position, which now is roughly in the middle of the screen height. How to resize desktop to follow new framebuffer?

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That’s because Qt doesn’t react to xrandr’s panning; KDE has the same problem (See

As a workaround, stop and start Desktop and Panel from LXQt Session Settings → Basic Settings


That worked, thank you! Can I do it from command line?

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For desktop:

pcmanfm-qt --quit
pcmanfm-qt --desktop --profile=lxqt

I don’t remember how lxqt-panel can be stopped without being killed – it doesn’t have a quit option.


I have tried that, and clicking gui menus works better. Thank you again! I consider this topic solved.

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Oh, I remembered the panel stopping code. The panel can be stopped and started again in this way:

qdbus org.lxqt.session /LXQtSession stopModule lxqt-panel.desktop

NOTE: For a script, see below.


Thank you very much. I had to install qdbus-qt5 for it. So far I have problems with consistent execution of these commands. I also have some problems with long reboot delay after executing of these commands, sometimes. So, script way or GUI way - this is so far inconclusive for me and I will be testing this more. I will let you know of results.

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& was missing in the commands of my previous comment; I added it.

Yes! I forgot to mention it.

The commands don’t have any effect on rebooting.

We had an old problem with menu-cached, which caused long delays with reboot but we fixed it by removing it from panel last year; the latest LXQt release doesn’t have that problem.

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@tsujan - it has sometimes - depends on if menucached was active in pcmanfm-qt :smiley:

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@agaida You’re right.

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@foormanek Sorry, you were right about long delays. For now, do it with LXQt Session Settings.


Adding ‘&’ did help with consistency. Reboot delay is still present, but the box eventually reboots. Now I can do it both ways and I am much happier anyway. Thank you!

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The reboot delay is my fault; sorry! It may be because the commands don’t start LXQt panel as a session module.

For now, I’m a little busy with a code but soon, I’ll find better commands and tell you about them.


Waiting :))

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OK, I’m back.

The following Bash script does the job exactly like LXQt Session Settings and so, it has no side effect if run from inside LXQt:


# restart desktop
qdbus org.lxqt.session /LXQtSession stopModule lxqt-desktop.desktop
sleep 3
qdbus org.lxqt.session /LXQtSession startModule lxqt-desktop.desktop &
# restart panel
qdbus org.lxqt.session /LXQtSession stopModule lxqt-panel.desktop
sleep 3
qdbus org.lxqt.session /LXQtSession startModule lxqt-panel.desktop &


Please note that the sleep lines are needed. I set them to 3 sec for the sake of certainty but you could also experiment with smaller values.


It works, reboot time is normal. I just added “xrandr --fb 1920x1080” with sleep 3 at the top and now I have very convenient one click solution. I will keep sleep at 3, that was also my choice when testing previous commands. Once more, thank you very much, I could not wish for better support ever!

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You’re welcome.