Screen corruption

(J.W van de Poll) #1

Hi All First time here & user of Debian, long time experience with Jurassic OS’s but using Mint for 3 years on Laptop.If I can do it with a GUI, I will.Main mission in life manufacture of computerised weighing/packaging machines. So, now that is out of the way.

Running Debian Stretch on a Beaglebone Black Rev.C Lxqt version 0.11.1, Qt 5.7.1 Debian image:debian-9.8-lxqt-armhf-2019-03-03-4gb.img.xz

The problem: I have my uSD setup to do software development, and if I attempt to use the /configuration settings/Session settings, it all appears ok until I reboot. Then the screen shows the content of the Home folder in the form of folders. All my icons are gone. But if I browse with PCManFM to the desktop, then the icons are all there. I am only using one workspace (the default I assume). So what screen am I looking at? No amount of fiddling with preferences will change this behaviour.

Is this a known fault, and is there a solution ? If not a fault, then how should I change my approach to this.

Regards Dinosaur

(stefano) #2

Well, who does remember LQXt 0.11… me not very well. There is a session settings for the default paths for desktop, downloads, documents ecc, so first I’d check this, but as said no idea if this was implemented years ago.

The relevant file should be ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs

(Pedram Pourang) #3

Definitely, not.

I can’t remember the code of LXQt 0.11 – it’s ancient. There has been a long way from it to the current version of LXQt.

(J.W van de Poll) #4

Hi All

Many thanks for the responses. So, the latest image from Beaglebone has an outdated Lxqt ?? Will try to update, but being ARM, it may not like the update without some knowledgeable customization ?


(Pedram Pourang) #5

Their latest image is from 2018-10-07. In that time, LXQt 0.13 was outdated.

(J.W van de Poll) #6

Hi All Having problems logging in. My login and password are as old as the Dinosaur himself, but gets rejected. So keep having to get email updates to log in with.???

tsujan their latest image is:bone-debian-9.8-lxqt-armhf-2019-03-03-4gb.img.xz But that doesn’t mean they have updated the lxqt. In fact when I re-install the installer nominates that 0.11 is the latest image. If I follow the instructions here:

the src package can’t be found. Can sks give me specific instructions on how to update lxqt please.

Edit: Password fixed, you guys didn’t like my short password, so had to become creative (hard to remember for a Dinosaur)

(Pedram Pourang) #7

I think you should either wait for the next Debian Stable upgrade or use Debian Testing instead.

Versions of packages in Debian Stable sometimes baffle me :wink: The ancient LXQt 0.11 is still in Debian Stable while Debian Testing has the latest release, namely 0.14.1.