Setup desktop switcher into two rows and two columns

(maput) #1


Just installed lxqt+kwin on my arch on vmware. I am wondering how to set desktop switcher into square looke with 2 rows and 2 column like they did on Manjarowish:lxqt-kwin Edition

how to set world clock to show on only with single row especially when long format is checked? i mean in kde you can did it by resize the panel bar.


(Shrinivas Kumbhar) #2

you can set desktop switcher in square look by changing desktop switcher widget config to have two rows.and also in kdesetting you have to do same for virtual desktop and have 4 desktop and two rows.

if you want to set date and time to show in only one row then in worldclock widget sttings you can set the position how you want.

(maput) #3

Thanks @librewish It works.