"show menu from windowmanager" disappeared?

(stefano) #1

Quick question: just noticed that in my installation (git, some components from branches but not pcmanfm and libfm) has disappeared the option to show the original menu from the window manager in Desktop preferences > advanced. Only the tab for the icons to show is present.

Is this a bug or was it removed and I missed it?

(Pedram Pourang) #2

No bug: https://github.com/lxqt/pcmanfm-qt/issues/931

(Jim Shriner) #3

Oh no, say it isn’t so! Was it removed completely, or just from the GUI options?

I have spent countless man-hours customizing my Openbox, then Fluxbox and PekWM menus to show EXACTLY what I want for maximum productivity. And they provide a measure of consistency across all distros and/or new installations in that the menus are already configured…just copy over into the users home directory and you’re good to go.

Part of the appeal of LXDE (and LXQT) was the ability to use these heavily customized menus with either a keystroke or right click anywhere on the desktop. It was the best of both worlds…the customization of user/root menus exactly as desired, but from within the “skin” of a DE.

I think I understand the reasons for removal (future Wayland compatibility), but is that really necessary this far out before Wayland is compatible? Openbox is too popular of a WM to not be ported to Wayland, IMO; and to remove this feature effectively removes one of the strongest and most commonly cited reasons to use Openbox. Personally, I’m hoping that Fluxbox and/or PekWM also get ported, as they’re my preference and perfect for my workflow; but realistically, they’re not nearly as popular as Openbox.

FWIW, I hope this feature is retained in some capacity. If not a GUI, via command line switch, or perhaps another solution with similar utility.

(Pedram Pourang) #4

You could still have it if you don’t use pcmanfm-qt’s desktop module but pcmanfm-qt won’t follow WM-specific things.

(stefano) #5

Thanks for clearing, I recompiled just to be sure and it was the same :wink:

(Jim Shriner) #6

How would one do that? Compile PCManFM-QT from source, but without that module? Or a GUI option somewhere I haven’t found yet?

More importantly, would that mean the loss of desktop wallpaper and/or icon management by PCManFM?

(Pedram Pourang) #7

How would one do that?

Uncheck “Desktop” in LXQt Session Settings. Yes, it’s either-or: either what pcmanfm-qt provides for desktop or what some specific WMs do.

That ancient piece of code was not only too limited but also inconsistent with lots of codes in pcmanfm-qt/libfm-qt; hence its removal. Otherwise, LXQt isn’t in a rush.

If you want a guarantee that an old setting will work for a very long time and you’re ready to pay the price, LTS/old-stable distros are there for you.

(Jim Shriner) #8

Of course, but LTS distros will eventually catch up to the deprecated feature. So that’s really a “band aid & hope” solution. Might be time for me to look into jgmenu and see if that addresses my workflow issues from lost WM menus.

(Pedram Pourang) #9

That was part of the price I mentioned. I can’t recommend it.

To prevent a futile discussion on this:

If you mean I shouldn’t have removed limited, inconsistent, ancient codes or shouldn’t do so in future, then sorry, I did and will, of course, after consulting other developers.

But if you mean that LXQt should remain backward-compatible, I agree — all of us agree, I think. However, there are exceptions to every rule.

(Jim Shriner) #10

I hope I’m not coming across in that manner. Certainly, I’m disappointed in the removal of that feature, as it affects my entire workflow and desktop experience. But I understand the logic of long-term and forward-thinking.

But if I can’t solve the problem that this creates, I’ve either got to revamp my entire production workflow and re-train my brain for that (an unsavory and unpredictable proposition), or find a new desktop environment. I’m not a fan of that one either, as LXDE was truly PERFECT for me (as a user) and I saw LXQt as a modernization of the LXDE desktop. As a former Gnome user who left Gnome after one-too-many features was removed from Gnome, I wasn’t prepared for feature removal from the baseline of LXDE functionality.

If I’m coming across as belligerent, I apologize, as that certainly isn’t my intent. Just disappointed and looking to figure out a viable workaround to compensate. Nothing more…

(Pedram Pourang) #11

I understand your disappointment (although not its degree). What I said means that it’s an exception not the rule but, realistically speaking, there’s no guarantee that it absolutely won’t happen.

The difference with Gnome is obvious, IMO.

(Jim Shriner) #12

You are correct, Gnome isn’t really a fair comparison, other than the element of “deja vu”.

When I left Gnome, I went all the way to naked WMs…Openbox, until I learned Fluxbox and PekWM had tabbed windows, which was a super-efficient EUREKA discovery. But I found myself auto-starting elements of LXDE desktops as a “skin” for the naked WM and when I learned that PCManFM could manage the desktop, wallpaper, icons, AND allow for my right-click menu, choosing that right-click WM menu option allowed me to eliminate Nitrogen (wallpaper) and idesk (icons) as redundant programs, simplifying my system. At that point, I realized I could use LXDE as a desktop environment, with window manager of my choice; rather than *Box, with LXDE “skins”. This really simplified my *Box start-up scripts, as LXDE could manage the desktop session startup.

My degree of disappointment is that not only have I lost that, I can’t even go back to that if the functionality has been deprecated. I’m not your only user, so you’ve gotta do what you’ve got to do for the future of LXQt. But this really puts me in a tough spot, NOW. I knew that Openbox would be an issue with Wayland compatibility (and probably Fluxbox and PekWM as well), but I thought I had more time for that to get sorted out; and I believe that it will, as there are just too many Openbox users to leave it abandoned. But the time frame just got accelerated immensely and I’m now in a place where i have to solve the menu issue…quickly…or LXQt just won’t be viable for me.

I’m not ready to throw in the towel yet, but it’s a huge bummer. I’m frustrated with the situation, not you…

(Pedram Pourang) #13

Sorry, I don’t read screeds. And I didn’t mean I was interested in knowing the degree of your disappointment.

(Shrinivas Kumbhar) #14

well not every wm has a menu and that option was harmfull one if your wm did not provide a menu just enabling it you did not get any menu and at one time with kwin i checked that option and was really confused what happened to the right click menu.so that option did more harm to me than good. our experiences differ in this matter. see i have never liked openbox at all at some point i forced myself to use it but i never liked it.