Size of file dialogs

(James) #1

Is it the responsibility of the application or the distro or lxqt to remember the window size of a file dialog?

(stefano) #2

Afaik this is in first line a window manager task, check it’s settings.

(Pedram Pourang) #3

LXQt file dialog remembers its size. LXQt isn’t responsible for other file dialogs (GTK+, for example).

(James) #4

What about general window sizes? Is Qt supposed to remember those? Open the “Configuration Center” and then “LXQt Appearance Configuration”. That window doesn’t remember the size it was previously open.

(Pedram Pourang) #5

No, it isn’t “supposed” to…

(James) #6

Did the devrlopers discuss this?

I can see it being useful in some situations.

(James) #7

The application Skanlite is Qt and should remember the size of the save dialog, right? FeatherPad doesn’t either. Is it my distro (lubuntu-18.10)?

(James) #8

The open dialog in featherpad defaults to this size: image I resize the dialog and then open another file and the dialog is the default size again.