Some hidpi fine-tuning


I would love to see lxqt have built-in hidpi support. I have a ChuWi CW1535 laptop that needs it. So far the only lightweight DE that I’ve found handling hidpi well out of the box is Pantheon, but I happen to like LXQt. Some of the threads here offer good suggestions, and so far I’ve been able to create a very nice desktop experience just by setting QT_SCALE_FACTOR (=2), GDK_SCALE (=2) and XCURSOR_SIZE (=48), as well as making a number of OpenBox tweaks, most of them relating to font size.
However, a few problems remain.

  1. The above tweaks are limited to the user, so I’d like to know how to make them system wide in a way that upgrades will not overwrite.
  2. Related to above, if I choose Open as Root in pcmanfm-qt, the window that appears is microscopic. I’m assuming it’s because it belongs to root. Again, I’d like to make the settings system wide, which should handle root as well, but, if this can’t be done, how can I change settings for root?
  3. The icons on the login window are still small. I was able to reset the text with no problems. Any knowledge or suggestions would be much appreciated.

(Pedram Pourang) #2
  1. It won’t be overwritten with updates because it’s a setting.

  2. For root instance, try something like lxsudo bash -c 'QT_SCALE_FACTOR=2 dbus-run-session -- %s' in pcmanfm-qt’s Preferences (WARNING: I don’t know if it could have any side effect).

  3. Login GUI belongs to the display manager you use, not to LXQt. So, it depends on whether the DM has such a setting (SDDM should but I’ve never tried scaling before login – sorry that I can’t help).