Split view in lxqt


Hi, I’ve two computers with with debian testing and LXQT. In the first, LXQT is the unique DE; in the second I’ve also KDE and LXDE. In the first pc, LXQT has the split view feature. When I drag a window near the screen’s board, the window’s dimensions will change and it will occupy half of the screen. If I drag the window on the corner, the window’s dimension will change and it will occupy a quater of the screen. In the second pc all of this does not occur. Why?

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Because of a different window manager. KWin does that, among several other things; another WM may not.


Excuse me but in the first pc there isn’t KWIN and there, there is split view feature

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I didn’t say that only KWin does it. It’s a WM thing.


Ok. How can I control where is the WM active?

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LXQt → Session Settings → Window Manager

BTW, Openbox can also do it but not by drag-n-drop. You need to change its settings (in its config file). I remember that I right clicked its title-bar buttons to tile it.


Ok, I changed WM from openbox to xfwm4 and now I’ve the split view feature.

How do I set “solved” at this topic?

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Yes, xfwm4 has this functionality too.

You don’t need to. LXQt forum topics don’t have a “solved” flag.


Thanks for all

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You’re welcome.