Sticky Notes plugin

(Matteo) #1

Hey everyone!
I have some free time and decided to start giving back a little to this project.
Just to get some practice, I started building a simple sticky notes widget plugin for the panel.
I have a very early prototype working that can load and store notes, and will soon be able to remember positions on screen.
My question is: would you like to have a plugin like this on the panel (e.g. can i make a pull request when it’s ready :slight_smile: )?

Another question would be if its possible to add custom entries on the context menu appearing when right-clicking the widget on the panel.
I ask this because for all the existing plugins i saw, the only option that can be added is a configuration menu, while I would like to add also a “Create new note” entry. Right now to create a new sticky note, one would need to click on the widget with the mouse wheel button (middle button) and it can be pretty confusing.
I’ll keep you posted with some screenshots and gifs if anyone is interested.

(Matteo) #2

Also forgot to add, post all your wishes and suggestions for features, for now on my TODO list the following items are missing:

  • Remember screen position of all notes and use it on startup
  • Customizable font type and size per note
  • Customizable background/foreground color (global, perhaps it’s better per note?)

(Pedram Pourang) #3

I think many users might like a sticky notes plugin (although, personally, I don’t use sticky notes). What you described seems promising. You’re welcome to make a PR when your project is finished or even before it (a PR can be a WIP).

As for the right-click menu, why not making a left-click one for your plugin?

(Shrinivas Kumbhar) #4

yeah its very good idea to have a plugin which when clicked might open a popup of notes. and a todo list option in sticky note.

(Matteo) #5

The left click is a really nice idea, for now it only toggles hide/show on the notes but it can be made in a context menu really easily. Thanks!

(Matteo) #6

Do you mean like a note where you can add/remove individual items (maybe even strike out items that are done)?

(stefano) #7

I use them heavily, actually znotes which works fine for my needs. For pasting custom entries: this is already possible in qlipper although this is not part of LXQt

(Shrinivas Kumbhar) #8

yes notes is just like a diary where we save all important stuff which need to do and save. if it can behave like a to do list when a certain task is done we can mark it as done. it should help keeptrack of things to well as simple notes. dont know if its possible

(Pedram Pourang) #9

Sticky notes are not a full-fledged notes manager. It’s enough for them to have simple rich-text functionalities and very compact windows. KDE’s KNotes can serve as an example, although it may be more than what’s needed.

(palinek) #10

Have a look into the panel’s code LXQtPanel::showPopupMenu() … the first straightforward solution would be to make Plugin::popupMenu() virtual, so any plugin could add further actions.

(Matteo) #11

Could someone help me making a pull request for this plugin? I’m unable to create a new branch for it due to credentials issues. Do i need to make a fork? (sorry first timer :slight_smile: )

(stefano) #12

Click on the top right “fork” in it will create a copy in your account where you can do the changes and the pull request

(Matteo) #13

Many thanks!!