System settings tool in Start menu

(Ashik ) #1

When i was using Kwin as my window manager, there was this option in Menu called KDE System Settings. This was helpful for connecting to bluetooth and wifi networks.

Now I am using Openbox instead of kwin, and I couldnt find any tool like this.

I am aware of blueman for bluetooth;But for wifi ??

Or a common tool for both like KDE system settings??

(Pedram Pourang) #2

KDE system settings is much more than kwin. Under LXQt, I never use those KDE settings that aren’t related to kwin, especially network settings.

I use CMST for years and like it very much. There are other choices too but CMST has been the best for me.

LXQt Configuration Center.

(Ashik ) #4

I tried CMST, but the rescan button seems to be not accessable(Not able to press, its in an inactive state). And bluetooth devices are not showing up. I think i have to use some other tools.

It doesn’t have any network related tools.

(Stefano) #5

Bluetooth should show up if active, same for rescan button, check your driver and hardware buttons.

In the Configuration Center you should find “connman ui setup” (same as clicking the CMST icon.