System tray icon order


Hi. Is it possible (in the feature) to implement the classic order of system tray icons: new icons will placed from the left side of previous icon? For this moment, the order is reversed: new icons place from the right side of previous icon and all previous tray icons shift to the left for one position. Thanks.

(Pedram Pourang) #2

It should be possible – and patches are welcome – but it doesn’t have a practical value, especially with startup apps, whose order of starting isn’t predetermined.


Thanks for answer. I agree with you for common case, but with scripts I can determinate the starting order (the simplest way is delayed startup).


For this moment I try to figure: which function determinate the place of new tray icon. At first I downloaded the sources for lxqt-panel, unpacked and explore the folder lxqt-panel-0.14.0/plugin-tray/

(Pedram Pourang) #5

You should read the code of plugin-statusnotifier and, probably, other source files. Sorry, I don’t have time to translate C++ into English :wink:

I assure you that if it was an interesting feature, an LXQt dev would do something about it. The really interesting feature is tray auto-hide but no one has had time to work on it. So, if you want to spend time on the code, I highly recommend you work on it instead.


Understand. Thanks for guiding me to right direction!

(Pedram Pourang) #7

You’re very welcome.