Touchpad double-tap dysfunction under lubuntu1810 LXQt

(Shicheng Li) #1

I couldn’t use my touchpad’s double-tap (that is, double-click when using a mouse) to open folders or files under lubuntu 1810.

The lubuntu 1810 was installed in a virtual machine (VMware workstation player 15.0). After the system startup, I can double-tap to open a folder. But when I try to double-tap again, it fails to open a folder.

What can I do to fix it?

(Mark Rabideau) #2

That actually sounds more like an ubuntu issue rather than LXQt. Have you checked their support forums as well? If not, I think you might benefit from making contact regarding your problem in that community.

(Shicheng Li) #3

Mark, thanks for the quick reply!

I searched in the ubuntu forum, found a few related topics, but it turned out the solutions provided by ubuntu forum didn’t solve my problem.

Then I found a interesting thing:

  1. Open “Preferences” > “LXQt settings” -> “Keyboard and Mouse”;
  2. In the “Mouse” tab, set “Double click interval” to “1000 ms” (it was “400 ms” by default).
  3. Close the settings dialog.

I tried double-tap again.

If the double-tap is completed in a slow motion, something like 600 ms between tow single-taps, then the folders and files can be opened; if the double-tap is completed in a fast motion, then nothing happens.

So my guess is the system mistakenly treated the quick double-tap as something like “single-click”. But a slow double-tap (with long enough “Double click interval”) won’t be mistakenly treated, so the folders can be opened.

Is it LXQt related or Ubuntu related?

(Mark Rabideau) #4

@lee19840806 sorry for the delay… I am inclined to think the problem is more Ubuntu related and less LXQt. Mouse functions tend to rely more on the OS. Desktop Environments generally provide an easy interface to those options but don’t actually perform them.