Use this apps instead of making new ones


We are a team of people working on a project called CoreApps. This app suit uses qt and less dependence and have a constancy look across all the apps.

So what is this about? We want Lxqt team to check out our project and use them in the project instead of making another ones. This will benefit both teams. We can focus on the apps and Lxqt team can work on the DE side, improve the DE. Our app can cover all the user cases. There are 19 apps in total. I know some of them is duplicate like FM, Screenshot tool, Image Viewer. But i think we can leave the duplicate and use the other ones and make a Great Light-Wight DE.

I am not explaining this clearly, I know that. But i think this will be great. We have great plans for CoreApps and in Future we want a DE to add this apps.

Check out our Gitlab CuboCore and Website. Thanks.

(Pedram Pourang) #2

The following is the image I have of LXQt after about 3 years of coding for it. If it isn’t right, other LXQt members might want to correct it:

As far as I know, LXQt wants to remain highly modular. Therefore, there is no plan to add extra apps like media player, image editor, email client,…, or even text editor to it. LXQt’s file manager, terminal emulator, image viewer, screenshot utility and, probably, archive manager are considered as “basic” apps (basic ≠ elementary); the rest consists of necessary components of every DE (like panel) as well as important libraries. I think the same was true for LXDE.

As for other apps, there’s a huge number of them and users could choose what they like (even GTK based apps). LXQt may sometimes recommend this or that app in its documentation – especially Qt based ones – but it’s “agnostic” toward them, so to speak.

For example, although I have 4 purely Qt based apps/programs and I am an LXQt member too, I’ve never felt any need to introduce them as LXQt apps; actually, they can’t be so.

(Alf Gaida) #3

@tsujan - exactly right. Our downstreams might use some of these apps when ready and available in distributions.


Thanks for the explanation.