Would like to have my panel at the top of the 'screen'



Running on Debian testing (buster iirc) here using 2 nvidia gpus and 4 monitors.

The 4 monitors are arranged as 2 logical screens (X:0 and X:1).

The panel is on x:0 .

When I use the ‘configure panel’ configuration panel I only have the position options of left, right and bottom of desktop 1 and left, right and top of desktop 2.

As having the panel at the top of desktop 2 (X:1) forces me to push my bifocals to my face and tilt my head back to see the top of those monitors and having the panel at the bottom of desktop 1 (X:0) (and my present usage) makes me focus my eyes to the bottom of the screen. I would rather have the panel at the top of desktop 1 (X:0) (easiest location for my use).

The option of having the panel at the top of desktop 1 is not available. (I would rather not use the bottom of desktop 2 as that screen is like an upside down L so the visible part of the bottom of the desktop is only 1040 out of 3000 pixels.)

Is there any way that I could have the option of having the panel at the top of desktop 1?



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(Pedram Pourang) #4

Your problem is not reproducible with 2 monitors. You could wait for someone having 2 nvidia gpus and 4 monitors but then, you should wait for a long time.

(Alf Gaida) #5

pragmatic solution- just buy two big monitors


You guys are funny! I put this system together 7 years ago. If I were purchasing today I would likely want 3 - 4k monitors. Would likely still be problems. Bought the screen real estate as a result of reading a report where the study showed a correlation between the amount of screen real estate and the productivity of an office type worker. I do find it fascinating that programmers haven’t caught this idea yet. Financial traders use far more - - - I read a report of an individual with 8 - 1920 x 1080 monitors.

What’s real interesting is that LXDE has the option of the panel at the top of the monitor but LXQT doesn’t. Wish I knew enough about coding to find the differences!

(Alf Gaida) #7

Maybe the word sarcasm don’t exist in your mothers tongue - maybe somewhen a dev is interested in debugging it. But i guess that you have to provide the 4 screen solution for that dev. I’m out, my wife will not allow me 3 or 4 x 43" sceens, not even two. Can’t understand it, but hey …

Re: Panel at top - why you don’t set it in the panel settings, should be easy.

Edit: ok, i know it is not nice to make bad jokes about user problems - but it is relaxing. I don’t have any place on my desk left, not even for a small 24" screen in landscape, so i can’t help. Maybe such things are possible if we create an option to limit the panel to a screen - but that will need a lot of programming effort i think - it would mean that we must be able to address each screen as single device. Right now we can’t if i understood @tsujan right.

(palinek) #8

@dabeegmon please share a sketch of your monitor configuration with the monitors labeled (which are x:0 and x:1; which is desktop 1,2 …)

(Pedram Pourang) #9

Actually, Qt5’s QScreen is a big step forward in dealing with screens. Here, the problem is: How can one fix an issue that one can’t reproduce unless, probably, by getting 4 monitors and 2 GPUs or being a clairvoyant? That’s why @palinek tried to find a logical formulation by asking logical questions.

(James) #10

What version of LXQT do you have? I have 0.13.0.