Xclipboard breaks pcmanfm-qt copy/paste


I’m on OpenBSD 6.4 with LXQt 0.13.0 and pcmanfm-qt 0.13.0.

To copy and paste text between different GUI applications (via X’s CLIPBOARD selection) consistently on OpenBSD+LXQt, I need to always have the xclipboard application running in the background. This workaround perfectly solves the problem of copying/cutting then pasting text between GUI applications.

Unfortunately, whenever xclipboard is running it breaks my ability to use Control+c and Control+v to copy and paste files between pcmanfm-qt windows: Selecting a file and pressing Control+c in window seems to work (running ‘xclip -o -selection clipboard’ in a terminal spits out the expected filename and path) but pressing Control+v in any pcmanfm-qt window has no effect. Right-clicking on a file and choosing “Copy” and then right-clicking somewhere and choosing “Paste” also has no effect. I can only copy files by clicking and dragging them. (If I were younger I’d just do click-and-drag and wouldn’t bother to troubleshoot this, but I’ve used Control+c and Control+v to copy files for over 20 years and it would be difficult to retrain myself at this point.)

Does anyone know how xclipboard might be interfering with pcmanfm-qt’s ability to copy/paste a file using Control+c and Control+v? I think I’d be able to fix this if I knew just a bit more about what pcmanfm-qt expects of the clipboard.

(Pedram Pourang) #2

The function parseClipboardData() in libfm-qt -> utilities.cpp covers well-known mime data formats, namely, those of Gnome, LXDE, XFCE and KDE. I guess xclipboard’s format is none of them.

When I used copyq, I didn’t encounter any problem. Sorry, that’s the most I can say.


Good to know there are no problems when using a more capable clipboard manager.

OpenBSD only has parcellite in its repository, but it is not satisfactory because user has to click on the parcellite icon and choose something to paste even when trying to paste the most recent item in history.

So I decided to bite the bullet and compile a clipboard manager other than parcellite. I decided to try qlipper and am happy to report that running it in the background solves all problems–I can copy/paste text between applications and pcmanfm-qt can also copy/paste files.

Thanks for your input, tsujan. Helped me have faith that I was just missing a good clipboard manager.

(Pedram Pourang) #4

You’re welcome.

clipit also works without problem.